Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Starting it off right...with beer! The Lost Abbey...Witch's Wit

So good old hump day is here, so I started the evening off right with a lovely brew I just found at High Time in Costa Mesa, CA. The Witch's Wit as it is so lovingly called delighted my taste buds. The flavor burst danced across my tongue...making me laugh with girlish glee. And this is all during the first few sips folks, but I did finish off this lovely bottle. So I highly recommend buying a bottle or two and investigate the website all the brews have fun names and well during this holiday season they seem like a good fit. The Ten Commandments is sitting in the fridge beckoning me in godly ways I think it may have been heaven sent...lame I know. I think I shall save it to share with a friend, don't you wish it was you?

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